Mission Statement

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At Ursuline, we


Walk in the path of Christ by:

1.    Treating every day as a fresh start. 

2.    Respecting each other and building trust.  

3.    Doing everything we can to maintain a happy, caring school through our relationships with each other. 

4.    Celebrating and praising each individual’s efforts and achievements. 

5.    Recognising we make mistakes but we forgive. 

6.    Making time to support and listen to all members of our school community. 

7.    Working together to bring about a welcoming atmosphere. 

8.    Ensuring all are safe. 


We grow a lifelong love of learning by: 

1.        Nurturing every person’s special gifts and talents, providing experiences and opportunities to fully develop their potential. 

2.        Providing a wide range of subjects taught in an enthusiastic way. 

3.        Planning effectively. 

4.        Monitoring and assessing rigorously. 

5.        Planning and delivering the Come and See programme throughout the school and recognising that it is a core subject. 

6.        Setting high expectations and encouraging pupils to make good progress. 

7.        Respecting and developing understanding of other people’s beliefs and cultures. 

8.        Celebrating God’s love through a variety of meaningful experiences  e.g. Community celebrations, collective worship and opportunities for reflection. 

9.        Sharing good practice with each other and promoting a love of learning. 

10.    Seizing opportunities to explore awe and wonder and promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. e.g. through lessons, trips and extra curricular activities. 


Together we foster a caring, family community by:

1.        Developing a trusting, supportive relationships with our families and neighbours.

2.        Having a strong presence withing our Parish and the wider community.

3.        Ensuring that all stakeholders are kept fully informed of all that goes on in school.

4.        Supporting the Parish in preparing children for the next stage of their religious journey.

5.        Taking care of the vulnerable showing humility and kindness.

6.        Helping others in our local and global community through prayer, fundraising and other actions.

7.        Promoting partnerships with local businesses/outside agencies creating positive links.

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Following in Jesus' footsteps we love, learn and grow together
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