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We hope you had a relaxed Easter holiday! It was great to hear of all the amazing things our children have done over the break. They've been telling us about what they have been up to. This coming term we look forward to all the wonderful learning we will be doing, the children and staff will all be very busy!



  • P.E. will still take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Children should come into school wearing the correct P.E. kits and trainers should be worn.

What are we learning?

Come and See

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Our current Come and See (R.E) topic is ‘Pentecost-Serving’. We are exploring how God is present in every community that we belong to. The children will explore how the Holy Trinity of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit is present in our lives and how that is represented through wind and fire.



I Was a Rat! : Pullman, Philip: Books    Fortunately, the Milk . . .: Neil Gaiman: Gaiman, Neil,  Riddell, Chris: 9781408841792: Books

This term we will be focusing our English on the story ‘I was a Rat’ by Philip Pullman. The children will engage with the text and unpick the detail the author provides. We will follow the journey of the main character and experience a range of settings and emotions as we partake in his weird and wonderful experiences.

We will also take a look into the story ‘Fortunately the Milk’ by Neil Gaiman. Which follows a family who goes on a wacky adventure through the story told by the father. The book was chosen for the comedy element and hope the children will love embracing the strange encounters along the journey.



KS2 Maths: - Working wall poster - 4 operations and alternative words for  them | Maths working wall, Math wall, Classroom charts

In Maths, we are focussing on many different topics, including: Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Time and Measurement  (capacity and money). We use a lot of practical learning first, then applying the taught skill/s to written tasks, followed by consolidating their knowledge using word problems - we often take our learning outdoors when appropriate. We will be continuing to practice our times tables, in particular the 3's, 4's and 8's - ready for Year 4 next year! We'd appreciate it if you could also be practicing these at home regularly, to help consolidate their knowledge.



Year 3 science Forces and Magnets - powerpoints, worksheets, display &  planning | Teaching Resources

In Science our first topic this term will focus on Forces and Magnets. We will explore how magnets attract and repel certain materials ands the reasoning behind it. We will dig into understanding how forces act to move items and how surface types are factored in. Alongside, we will explore Light and how it is formed. We will investigate how shadows work and what we can do get the best form of shadow using the correct light and objects. The children will work on understanding the affects of the sun and how we must take care of ourselves.   



Rivers of the World - Aerial view of Amazon rainforest, South America -  GingerWhite

This term’s focus will be on exploring Rivers and how they are formed. The children will investigate various river around the UK and the World. We will create model rivers allowing the children to see the different stages as they go.


Early Civilisations | History Rocks

This term we will be exploring the Earliest Civilizations and understanding the timeline they are within. We will dig into four different civilizations which will lead us to unpicking the lives of the Egyptians. It is important for the children to know about the civilizations that come before the Egyptians and how we have over lapping of time periods too. We will explore how each civilization lived and were ruled, understanding how things have developed over time noticing what is similar and different across them and compare it to our time period now.


You, Me, Everyone

Understand and advocate for communities first - Kappan Online

In You, Me, Everyone, this term we will be focussing on our community and how we a part of a range of different communities, working together harmoniously. We will take a look at it through the eyes of the Church and how Jesus wanted us to act towards others. The children always get an opportunity to share their thoughts and feeling during our sessions which allows us to hear different experiences and enjoy giving time to hear each other. 



Field Hockey Stock Vector Illustration and Royalty Free Field Hockey Clipart

This half term in P.E., the children will be focussing Hockey, using their invasion game skills to translate into this fast-paced sport. The children have the opportunity to develop their skills weekly and work to playing full games within their lessons. We will also be going Swimming again this term to give the children another chance to continue developing their swimming skills.


The Iron Men of Crosby Beach; Another Reason To Visit Liverpool

In Art this term, the children will be focussing on using clay as their material. We will look at the Iron Men on Crosby beach as our stimulus and recreate our own using clay. The children will explore various clay moulding techniques and get the opportunity to practice using the clay and shaping it, to the correct proportion size. 



Pizza Tasting Stock Illustrations – 223 Pizza Tasting Stock Illustrations,  Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

In D&T this term, we will be moving onto food technology, were the children will get the chance to taste test and make their own pizzas. We will explore a range of ingredients and the childrenw ill get the chance to use their cutting skills to add to their own pizza. 



40 Pieces Music Notes Cutouts Music Party Decorations Musical Notes  Silhouette for Music Concert 50's Theme Party Birthday Party Baby Shower  School ...

In Music this term, the children will focus on pentatonic melodies and composition. They will look at movement around music and why certain movements match certain music styles. The children will get the opportunity to rehearse and perform with their peers and evaluate their own work.



61,500+ Data Collection Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip  Art - iStock | Data collection icon, Data, Big data

In Computing, this term we will be working on data collection and applying information into a database using the laptops. The children will get the chance to explore a range of saving techniques and the use of various software both online and on the computer systems.


Flag of Spain - Wikipedia

In Spanish this term's key learning is:

To say, read, listen and write a simple phrase about what hobbies they like and when their birthday is both giving the date and the month.  

To ask and answer questions about hobbies and birthdays.

To listen and show understanding of days of the week and months of the year

To write various hobbies and the months of the year.

Home Learning

Does Homework Help or Hinder Students? | SiOWfa13: Science in Our World

Homework will always be sent out on Thursdays. The children are to do their spelling activity, along with their self-selected reading book - please ensure a comment is recorded by a parent or guardian in their reading record. These are to be returned on Monday morning, if you have any issues, please contact your class teacher.


Don't forget to check back to our Year 3 blog each half term for more information about what we are learning in school.


Thank you,

Miss Standaloft and Mrs McDougall

Mr Colaco and Ms Banks

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