Vision and Values

At Ursuline Catholic Primary School we aim to build up a Christian Community which develops the full spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical potential of each and every pupil in the happy, caring, supportive, family atmosphere of a Catholic School.

Together we endeavour, in all things, to honour God’s name, to advance His Kingdom and to carry out His will.


Aims and objectives

From our Mission Statement flow our school aims and objectives, which are:

To provide pupils with the opportunity to experience and participate in a living and worshipping community based on the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Our intention is for all who are educated at Ursuline to become convinced Christian children, who grow to be outstanding in their courageous leadership, selfless in their concern for their neighbour and who display joyous peace in their lives, all springing from their deep faith in the risen Christ!


The universal Ursuline Serviam badge expresses our school motto of ‘Believe, Achieve, Serve’:

The cross it bears reminds us of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus was committed to serving the dignity and worth of others, even to death. Ursuline children should therefore radiate in their life Christian joy and confidence because Christ is risen - Christ is alive!

We BELIEVE we are CHILDREN OF GOD – marked with His sign of love – the cross.

The group of stars above the cross represents The Little Bear Constellation - a constellation found in the Northern Hemisphere pointing towards the Pole Star. This constellation was chosen because of the play on the Latin word Ursula which means Little Bear. It recalls St Ursula, patroness of Christian Education and special patroness of Ursuline schools. Just as the light from the Little Bear leads up to the brighter light of the Pole Star, so our Ursuline Education helps us on to the knowledge of Truth, here symbolised by the Pole Star, and it is Truth which will guide us on our path through life.

We ACHIEVE as the CHILDREN OF GOD – by following His guiding light, Jesus – the truth that God was made man and lived as one of us. 
The word "Serviam", I WILL SERVE. This was the cry of St. Michael the Archangel as a response to Lucifer's "I will not serve" (Non serviam) when God put the angels to the test, thus emphasising our willingness to love and serve God. Serviam expresses our loyalty to Christ, and our desire to serve Him and others.

We SERVE as the CHILDREN OF GOD, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 

We ‘Believe, Achieve, Serve’ by:

  • celebrating an act of collective worship each day
  • providing opportunities for our pupils to experience, with awe and wonder, the mystery of God
  • following the “Come and See” syllabus as laid out by the Archdiocese of Liverpool.
  • celebrating various liturgies and traditions such as: blessing of the Harvest, School Mission Day, Advent, Candlemas, Stations of the Cross and May Processions
  • attending and participating in the Mass, e.g. Parish Masses on feast days, Sacramental Celebration, Y6 Thanksgiving masses
  • rewarding outstanding work in Religious Education and putting the Gospel into practice, through the ‘Spirit of Ursuline’ Award

To develop in our pupils a sense of self respect, the capacity to lead full lives as independent, self-motivated people with the ability to contribute to the welfare of others and society and thus live up to the school motto: ‘Believe, Achieve, Serve’ by:

  • celebrating our School Mission with a dedicated day each Autumn
  • following our school Behaviour Code of Conduct.
  • all members of staff treating each other and our pupils with respect.
  • following our school Nurture/RSE programme which encourages self- confidence, self-motivation and self-respect.
  • developing a sense of responsibility in our pupils and encouraging them to take responsibility for various duties in our school, local and global community
  • appointing a ‘Child of the Day’ each day and awarding Achievement Awards each week in a whole school assembly.
  • encouraging our pupils to take part in charitable activities such as: being a Food Bank collection point, Operation Christmas Child and fundraising (e.g. for NSPCC, CAFOD and global disaster appeals).
  • building relationships with the local community – visiting local Nursing Homes and being a donation point for the South Sefton Foodbank and Samaritans Purse Shoe Box appeal
  • through the school’s ‘Relationship and Sex Education’ programme – ‘Journey in Love’ and ‘No Outsiders in our School’ that celebrates our belief in the unique dignity of the human person as made in the image and likeness of God

To offer our pupils a broad, balanced, differentiated curriculum that covers the requirements of The National Curriculum and is designed to meet the pupils' individual needs by:

  • a whole staff approach to achieving the aims of our School Improvement Plan.
  • a whole staff approach to the teaching of all the subjects in the National Curriculum.
  • raising standards through the use of our Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment Policies and pupil tracking
  • following our various curriculum policy documents, with coordinators continuously reviewing curriculum provision, ensuring an holistic approach to the development of our pupils
  • catering for pupils of all ranges of ability through differentiated work, Enhanced Quality First teaching, Records of Concern, Support Plans, Educational Health Care Plans and the support of external agencies
  • providing opportunities for our pupils to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including Forest/Beach School, ECO Club, Gardening Club, visits to local Care Homes, rosary, squash, gymnastics/dance, yoga, fencing, judo Active Soccer, choir and orchestra, CAPITAL Music collaborations, school sports teams (football, netball, swimming)
  • outdoor learning curriculum / Y5 Cosmic Classroom & The Crucial Crew provides pupils with opportunities for awe and wonder
    providing pupils with a range of ‘off-site’ learning opportunities both in the local area (parks, beach, Pinewoods, baths, shops, Crosby Lakeside, Coastguard Station, local war memorial, library and Care Homes), Liverpool (art galleries, museums and ferry) and further afield (Delamere Forest, Quarry Bank Mill and Residential visits for Year 6).

To develop in our pupils lively and enquiring minds, the ability to question, to argue rationally and the ability to apply themselves to tasks by:

  • promoting investigative work throughout the curriculum, including the use of Co-operative Learning Strategies
  • building into our planning the Key Skills of the National Curriculum.
  • applying our school Homework Policy
  • providing individual targets for our pupils and sharing and reviewing these with them, in 1:1 Conferencing.
  • providing opportunities for outdoor learning and risk taking within the environment (e.g. Early Years outdoor curriculum, Forest and Beach School, Y4-6 Residential Visits)

To help our pupils to acquire knowledge, skills, concepts and practical abilities which will prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life by:

  • putting a high priority on Religious Education, English, Mathematics and all foundation subjects
  • providing a range of school visits to encourage cultural, environmental and social awareness in our pupils. For example: visiting Liverpool’s museums, art galleries and cultural sites
  • teaching, from Reception, the skills of co-operative learning. Pupils apply these in lessons across the curriculum, which enables them to develop and apply other subject specific skills
  • supporting pupils through their transitions within the school e.g. through liaison prior to admission into Reception, progressive development of teaching & learning approaches, early publication of teacher deployment for the following year, Transition Week activities for all classes in the summer term, including enhanced transitions where needed and end of year handover of important information with Key Stage 2 – 3 transfer programme as well.

To foster positive links with parents and thus develop a partnership between home and school in the education of our pupils by:

  • keeping parents informed about the progress of their children through introductory workshops (Meet the Teacher evening), Homework Comment books, termly Parent Evenings and an annual written report.
  • seeking and responding to the views of parents, through several staff being in attendance at the school’s gate each morning as they welcome the children, and staff being available at Home Time, as they return their pupils safely to their families. Also through questionnaires, including Parent View.
  • fostering excellent links with Ursuline Parents, Teachers and Friends Association
  • inviting parents to school activities, such as, our celebrations of various liturgies and traditions, curriculum workshops and performing arts productions 
  • communicating with parents through our text messaging service, letters, school website, weekly school Newsletter, and pupils Home School Comment books
  • encouraging parents to help in school in various ways e.g. ‘Book Buzz’ and sports coaching
  • providing Breakfast, Out of School and Holiday Clubs (including Forest School, Active Soccer Camps as well an Out of School holiday programme of days out) for our pupils

To foster links with our parish and the wider community by:

  • regular contact with St Joseph’s and St. Helen’s Parishes through church visits and liturgies
  • supporting all parishes, from whom we draw pupils, in their sacramental programmes for Reconciliation and the Eucharist and celebrating with them on their faith journeys
  • using in school and distributing to Year 4 (Sacramental Year group) ‘The Wednesday Word’ provided by the family of a deceased St Joseph’s parishioner
  • building links with the local and wider community through being a foodbank collection point for South Sefton, visiting Nursing Homes and charity fundraising
  • collaborating with CAPITAL schools on community projects e.g. Anne Frank Ambassadors’ programme, Equality & Diversity concert, Sacred Heart High School’s ‘Heart of the Community’ day and music and sports projects.
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