Each year group has a page which aims to provide a range of activities and ideas that can be completed both online and without a computer.  The links below our year group pages provide further resources, ideas and support. 



Content within these sites is updated by classroom staff.



BBC Bitesize (learning resources and video clips for many curriculum areas - updated to now include daily lessons)

Oak National Academy (structured lessons including video lessons, quizzes and resources)

Department for Education list of online education resources for home education

Coronavirus: a book for children (free book illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler)

Oxford Owl (learning activities, resources and a free ebook library)

White Rose Maths (video led lessons) White Rose resource sheets 

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs (English and Maths daily lessons)

Sefton ASD/Social communication team (home schooling resources, SEN and family support ideas and resources)

NHS Change4Life (exercises, activities, meal ideas and wellbeing support)

Twinkl home learning hub (structured activities updated daily)

Access Art home learning (creative art and craft ideas)

Classroom Secrets home learning packs (printable activities for each year group)

The Scouts 'Great Indoors' (indoor activity ideas)

Youth Sport Trust

Out Of The Ark Music (daily singing activities)

CAFOD (resources for home learning)

Audible (free audio books for children)

NW SEND Regional Network Newsletter (updated May edition - a wide range of resources and links to support families and children, including those with additional needs)

Thinkuknow home activity packs (esafety resources for home learning)

Sefton ASD/social communication team (wellbeing, health and home learning resources for parents/carers)

Sefton Council Learning at Home (links to various learning resources and wellbeing support resources for families)

Sefton libraries (free access to e-books and audio books for library members)

Cosmic Kids (yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos) 

Royal Institution Experimental (cheap and easy science experiments to try at home)

STEM learning centre primary resources (home learning ideas and resources for science, technology, engineering & mathematics)

If your child is unable to attend school for any reason related to COVID-19, we are able to support you in establishing a home learning routine straight away. We know that circumstances at home vary so we are aiming to provide a range of resources to support families. Our year group pages contain blogs that provide information about our current curriculum whilst the other tabs in our home learning hub provide a range of useful resources.

Here are some of the ways home learning can be established to meet your needs:

  • If you wish to establish your own home learning routine and have online access, we recommend the resources at Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize. Both of these sites allow you to follow a daily schedule or search for resources yourself. They provide high quality video teaching alongside clear explanations and print resources that match the National Curriculum. In most cases the print resources can be viewed online and competed using paper or a notebook. School can provide any stationery needed at no cost. Please contact us if this is required.

  • School is able to provide scheduled work that matches the National Curriculum, using an online platform. We are currently using Purple Mash for this provision. When your child logs in they will find work within their 2Email and also by looking at the alerts tab for updates. This online work includes video material (from Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize and other sources) alongside other digital resources (such as online quizzes, Purple Mash activities, White Rose Maths resources and others). Work set through an online platform needs to be submitted digitally (including the completion of daily online tasks and the uploading of photos or videos of offline tasks to the platform). If you require any stationery to complete offline tasks please contact school as required.

  • If you do not have online access to allow your child to complete online tasks, we are able to provide printed workbooks for English and maths alongside any other necessary stationery. We are able to provide these print resources immediately and at no cost, simply contact school directly as required.


In some specific circumstances we may be able to offer support with technology and online access (for example through the government digital devices scheme for disadvantaged children/those in shielding families). Please contact school directly to explore the options. 


If you need any advice or support to establish home learning due to COVID-19, please contact school directly by telephoning 0151 924 1704 or emailing admin.ursuline@schools.sefton.gov.uk

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