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Key dates at a glance:


Autumn term 2017

Monday 4th September – Wednesday 20th December

Mid-term break:  Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October

Spring term 2018

Monday  8th January –

Friday 23rd March

Mid-term break: Monday 12th – Friday 16th February

Summer term 2018

Monday 9th April – Wednesday 25th July

Mid-term break: Monday 28th – Friday 1st June

INSET days (school is closed to children for staff training):

  • Monday 4th September 2017
  • Tuesday 5th September 2017
  • Friday 20th October 2017
  • Monday 8th January 2018
  • Friday 9th February 2018 


Autumn term 2018

Monday 3rd September - Friday 21st December

Mid-term break: Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October

Spring term 2019

Monday 7th January - Friday 5th April 

Mid-term break: Monday 18th - Friday 22nd February

Summer term 2019

Tuesday 23rd April - Tuesday 23rd July

Mid-term break: Monday 27th - Friday 31st May

 INSET days (school is closed to children for staff training):

  • Monday 3rd September 2018
  • Tuesday 4th September 2018
  • Friday 19th October 2018
  • Friday 15th February 2019
  • Monday 3rd June 2019

Please note that we aim to keep this page up-to-date at all times. However, dates may be added to this list, or subject to amendment, throughout the year. Please contact us in school if you are unsure about a date or event.