Our staff team


Senior leadership


MrM McQueen


Assistant Headteachers:

Mrs C Chai and Mrs C Pritchard


Teachers Teaching assistants


Miss B Chai

Mrs J Wolfenden


Year 1:

Mrs A Bryce

Mrs C Chai

Mrs J Morris


Year 2:

Mr D Briscoe*

Mrs C Pritchard

Mrs G Moody


Year 3:

Mrs K Collister

Miss E Coyne

Mr A Bruce


Year 4:

Mrs T Davies*

Miss C Fitzsimons (SENCO)*


Year 5:

Mr B Dolan

Miss M Kelly


Year 6:

Miss S Jones*

Miss R Watts


Other teaching staff:

Mrs C Smith (teacher across school)

Mrs L McIver (teacher across school & forest school)

Mrs A Ashcroft

Miss C Coleman

Mrs G Bond

Mrs M Delamere

Mrs S McGill

Mrs J McDougall

Mrs H McEvoy

Mrs T Lysaght

Mrs B Neary

Mrs J Snaylam

Mrs A Snow

Mrs K Bannon

Mrs R Welsh

Miss H Norman

Miss L Metcalfe

Mrs G Walmsley

Mrs K Turner

Ms J Stewart

Mrs S Bolger

Ms J Banks

Miss J Parsons

Ms M Boggild

Mrs J Wilson

Miss O Kelly

* = leadership team

Office staff Premises manager

Mr A Hampson (office manager)

Mrs J Schaer (secretary)

Mrs M Delamere (attendance)

Mr G Hudson

Kitchen staff Mid-day supervisors

Cook in charge:   

Mrs J Buckley



Mrs C Ormesher

Miss C Gee

Mrs J Carr

Mrs P Philips

Mrs G Rowley

Miss N Keating

Mrs G Griffiths

Mrs P Charlton

Miss H McCobb

Mrs J Harrison

Miss L Hulse

Miss J Bond



Any questions or queries?

  • For general queries and to report pupil absences contact the school office on 0151 924 1704.
  • For class specific queries please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance (via the school office on 0151 924 1704 or in person).
  • Members of the school leadership and management team are always available to discuss any further queries you may have. To arrange an appointment please contact the school office on 0151 924 1704.